Andhra Pradesh to start with 10000 Crore deficit!

Come this June 2nd, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will operate as two separate states and Andhra Pradesh is going to begin its activity with 10000 Crore deficit. This was revealed in a report to Chandra Babu by the Chief Secretary. This deficit is arrived after minimizing all possible expenditure cuts in the budget. Also there is more than 7500 Crore pending bills to be settled to various people. Which means economic difficulties will start hounding the new state from day one itself.

The officials also reported to Chandra Babu that there are no chances of increasing income immediately from any sources. During the state bifurcation, the outgoing UPA government had promised to take this burden to some extent. But there is no word about how much amount will be given in the bifurcation bill. Along with this, there is also an urgent need of building the state capital. 1000s of Crores are required at least to create minimal and emergency facilities required for a capital. Lot will depend on the new government now for Andhra Pradesh to sustain on its own!