BJP being over confident?

Looks like Bharatiya Janata Party is heading towards a no alliance situation in Andhra Pradesh. The talks between TDP and BJP and are not progressing any where due to the high headedness of BJP state leaders. Kishan Reddy is continuously making unwanted comments about the alliance from the start and is making extravagant demands so that the alliance does not happen.

BJP usually gets 2.5-3% vote share in Andhra Pradesh. The party slightly bettered their numbers in Telangana region but not up to the extent of winning seats. In Seema Andhra region, the party in fact got depleted due to their stand in state bifurcation issue. TDP in the view of alliance is sparing BJP from heavy criticism in Seema Andhra region. This situation may benefit other parties as the crucial votes split between BJP and TDP

BJP as a result lost a partner down the South. The party almost has nil presence in South and now it is lacking trusted partners too. Chandra Babu is capable of teaming up many regional parties down the South if teamed with BJP.