For a while now, there have been reports that the BRS high command has decided to go ahead with the idea of forging an alliance with the BJP. There are reports that the BRS is even ready to give the majority of the MP seats to the BJP in case the alliance materializes before the Lok Sabha elections.

However, Telangana BJP leaders Bandi Sanjay and Kishan Reddy have been severely opposing the same as they have been claiming that they have no intention of collaborating with BRS.

Now, Bandi Sanjay has gone a step ahead as he gave a ‘slipper shot warning’ to those spreading the news about the BJP-BRS alliance.

“This is my appeal to the public, if anyone says that a BJP-BRS alliance is likely in Telangana, please show them your slipper. This is the only way we can stop these rumors. Why would the BJP ally with a corrupt and gone-case party like BRS which is helmed by a corrupt KCR? This is my slipper shot warning to those who are speculating about the alliance” Bandi said in his latest public meeting.

This sure is one aggressive way to curb the speculations and moreover, Bandi has clearly reinstated that the BRS-BJP alliance in Telangana is off the equation.