Bharatiya Janta Party is going offensive mode with Telugu Desam Party to save the alliance. A broken alliance will make life tough for BJP as there is no time for the party even to contest in all the seats. So the Saffron party had decided to blackmail Chandra Babu and save the alliance. BJP is threatening to field Purandhareeswari for Vijayawada Parliament in case of no alliance. If that happens, TDP will certainly lose the seat because of split of votes between Purandhareeswari and TDP’s candidate. It is known that Kamma community is present in good numbers in Vijayawada and also Purandhareeswari carries the good will of being NTR’s daughter.

Also BJP is planning to give tickets Pawan Kalyan’s men and use the actor for extensive campaign for them. Even though these people will not win, they will be able to split TDP’s vote bank and that scenario will help YSR Congress very much. We will have to see how Chandra Babu runs the show now! BJP Senior leader Prakash Javadekar is in meeting with Chandra Babu regarding a possible patch up.