Pawan Kalyan agreed to an alliance with the BJP at the last minute in Telangana and contested eight seats. Janasena faced massive humiliation by losing deposits in all eight seats.

After ill-treating Pawan Kalyan for a long time, the BJP was able to butter him at the last minute and get his support. Pawan Kalyan was flattered when BJP big leaders came to his house and requested him. Sharing the stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi made him happier.

But nothing could save him from the humiliation of losing deposits in all the eight seats.

Now, the BJP is planning to tempt Pawan Kalyan once again by making Kapu Chief Minister slogan in Andhra Pradesh.

Kapu Community is a dominant class in Andhra Pradesh population and Pawan Kalyan being a Kapu will get their votes en masse, BJP thinks.

BJP wants Pawan Kalyan to desert TDP and come to it.

BJP contested the Telangana elections with the BC CM slogan but failed miserably. They were able to get less than 10% votes.

The public did not buy their BC CM slogan at all. Probably, they will meet the same fate in Andhra Pradesh as well.

It has to be seen if Pawan Kalyan will learn his lesson from the Telangana elections or fall for the BJP once again.