It is raining support for the Opposition in Andhra Pradesh from the film industry. Celebrities are extending support to the alliance in the name of Pawan Kalyan.

Chiranjeevi, Nani, and Raj Tharun have supported this so far. It is known that young Mega heroes like Vaishnav Tej, Varun Tej, and Sai Dharam Tej even campaigned for the TDP and Janasena candidates.

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YSR Congress has got a lot of support from the industry in 2019. Some have actively campaigned while others have become silent. So, there was no support for the TDP from the industry. Even Janasena did not get any support.

But in five years everything changed. YSR Congress is left only with Posani and Anchor Shyamala while everyone is rallying with the Opposition.

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To counter the narrative, YSR Congress is saying – “Will Celebrities Bring Votes?”

Yes, Celebrities may bring or may not bring votes.

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But then, their support will be very crucial during the election time.

Public perception is very important during an election.

Any party should create a perception that it is winning and is getting overwhelming. Film Celebrities will have that impact.

Also, Media Space is very important during an election.

Already TDP+ is getting maximum Media Space with the Manifesto, Land Titling Act, and the meetings of Modi and Shah.

The support of the celebrities will get them more positive Media Space.

All this Hungama in the media and social media will give the impression to the people that the alliance is winning. A certain percentage of the voters always want to be on the winning side. The support of the celebrities will help win their votes.