Do you have the habit of smoking? If yes, then trying quitting it immediately. Smoking will not only burn your lungs but also will burn a very big hole in your pockets too. The Central government in the Union budget announced today hit the smokers very hard. The existing 12% excise duty on cigarattes is increased to a whopping 72%. There is also a big excise duty on other tobacco products ranging from 60 to 70%.

The government did not leave other health harming habits like chewing gutkha or drinking aerated cold drinks. The excise duty on gutka and pan masala, chewing tobacco, unfiltered ‘khaini” and unmanufactured tobacco that are sold in packed pouches is now increased to 50-55% and at the same time aerated cold drinks will cost 5% as excise duty. As these companies see to transfer the high tax rates on to customers, the price are expected to be skyrocket very soon.