Speaker-Tammineni-Seetharam-Chandrababu-Naidu-SecurityTammineni Sitaram is the Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. The position of a Speaker is the most responsible one for the smooth conduct of the house and for controlling the unruly members.

A speaker should have control over the language that is being used by the members and ensure that the society does not have a bad impression of the Assembly.

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But Tammineni himself has no control over his language.

The other day speaking in Amudalavalasa, Speaker made controversial comments. “Chandrababu is talking courageously because of the Black Commandos. He will be finished if they are not there,” Tammineni warned.

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“Who does he have this black cat commando security for? As the Speaker of the State Assembly, I will request the Central Government to withdraw this security. How is he eligible for Z Plus category security? There are warnings and threats to many people in the country. Will this level of security be provided to all of them?” he asked.

Tammineni stated that this is not correct.

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Tammineni has justified Z plus security for Chandrababu saying that the former Chief Minister will be finished if the security is not there.

Also, the senior leader is a classic example of how rotten the Political system in Andhra Pradesh is, particularly in the YSR Congress.

If a senior leader and someone in a responsible position like Tammineni is doing such comments, it is a poor example of the state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh.