Chiranjeevi face heat for Pawan Kalyan's Speech!
Despite heavy public opposition, Chiranjeevi took a stand in favour of Congress high command and was rewarded as the President for Congress Poll Campaign in Seema Andhra region. Many are of the opinion that Chiranjeevi’s Congress’ unofficial Chief Minister candidate for the upcoming elections. But all the dreams were shattered with Pawan Kalyan’s Political reentry. Pawan Kalyan literally raped Congress party and high command right from Sonia Gandhi to V. Hanumantha Rao.

He ended the speech with ‘Congress Hatao, Desh Bacho’ slogan and also cleared that he would join hands with any party except for Congress. Congress Poll campaign meeting took place a short while ago. It is told that KVP Rama Chandra Rao fired on Chiranjeevi for remaining mute on his brother’s allegations on the Congress. He criticized Chiranjeevi for failing to control his own brother despite knowing his motives well before. Congress leaders are also not happy with Chiranjeevi. They are waiting for his press meet on this issue today. If Chiranjeevi fails to respond properly, they will be after his skin for sure.