Congress party has drawn a big blank in the recently concluded elections in Andhra Pradesh. The party shattered by the biggest defeat ever is taking corrective measures now. The party which lost heavily due to Telangana issue is trying to make up the damage to the region by supporting the Polavaram bill. Jairam Ramesh, the former GOM member of Telangana issue and the current Rajya Sabha member has spoken in favourable to the Polavaram issue.

He made it clear that this decision of including the submerging villages of Polavaram project is taken by the cabinet of previous UPA government. It is known that Congress is evading the Polavaram ordinance as NDA’s decision till now and this statement seems like Congress wants some credit in the issue. Jairam Ramesh even went to say just like Hyderabad to Telangana, Polavaram is also an emotive issue to Andhra Pradesh people. He later appealed the Andhra Pradesh and Union governments for the support to the submerging villages