Country in Trouble- the Ransomware Attack to Become Worse!The Attack that started over the weekend has been recorded as the worst and biggest ransomware attack worldwide. Initiated in the UK at NHS, the malware has spread all across the globe with over 200,00 victims of 150 countries. Computers with Windows XP operating system are vulnerable which is most used by India and Russia.

Experts could halt the ransomware for a while but say that the situation can become worse with the huge number of employees start using their computers on Monday. Cyber security confirmed malware as Wanna-Cry induced by a hackers team named Shadow Brokers. The group has infected the windows with a bug in March for which the OS has released a patch in the same month. That means the Windows users who have not upgraded the system are at higher risk.

The hacker group has demanded $300 to unblock the user access and have received about $25,000 so far. As per analysts, India has the organizations that still use the old versions of Windows operating systems pushing the country into more trouble.