Earlier this week, YV Subbareddy sparked a big controversy admitting that they can not build a capital and so will request the capital to continue Hyderabad as the Common Capital for some more years.

This triggered a massive outage because YSR Congress admitted that it is incapable of handling an issue as crucial as the capital and then, asking to continue Hyderabad as the common capital is nothing but insulting the people of Andhra Pradesh.

The whole world will see Andhra Pradesh as a state incapable of building a capital in ten years.

The statement is not by some gully leader. YV Subba Reddy is Jagan’s maternal uncle and is also a key leader in YSR Congress’s Top leadership.

In an ideal world, this will be a big election issue but then, the Telugu Desam Party missed it big time.

Along with Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh, no leader from TDP touched on this topic.

Probably, they thought it would upset the people of Vishakapatnam and it would hurt Nara Lokesh who is busy with his Shankharavam meetings in the Uttarandhra region.

If that is true, it is said that TDP misinterpreted the issue. It is not about Amaravati or Vishakapatnam.

YV Subba Reddy just admitted that they can not build capital. That means he had admitted that Jagan is good only to borrow money and splurge it without any vision or intention or ability for infrastructure development, bringing investments, and job creation.

TDP lost a good chance in taking that to the people just before the elections.