Since the announcement of Pawan’s contest in Pithapuram, all eyes in the state have been on the constituency. The ruling YSRCP is employing all possible means to defeat Jana Sena President in Pithapuram. Kapu leader Mudragada Padhbhanabham has taken charge and responsibility to ensure Pawan’s defeat in Pithapuram without contesting himself.

During the election in Pithapuram of Kakinada district, the discovery of dummy EVMs caused a stir. Officials were shocked to find them among large packages of YSRCP election campaign materials. During inspections conducted by the plowing squad, officials seized a Bolero vehicle traveling on the Pithapuram bypass road.

There are speculations of numerous moves by the YSRCP in this campaign. Officials were further surprised by the seizure of dummy EVMs on a large scale on Tuesday night. Plowing Squad officials intercepted a large quantity of YSRCP election campaign materials being transported from Kakinada on the Pithapuram Bypass Road.

The presence of dummy EVMs alongside large bags caused panic among the inspecting officials. Since these items are electronic, inquiries are being made as to why they were being transported. Additionally, authorities have confiscated a significant amount of YSRCP election campaign materials, including masks with pictures of Jagan, YSRCP caps, flags, scarves, and bumper stickers.

They stated that the seizure was due to a lack of transport permits and will hand over the materials to the GST authorities while registering a case. However, authorities have not yet made a decision regarding the electronic EVMs.