Eenadu Group lost its Chairman Ramoji Rao earlier this month.

Ramoji Rao, the Media Baron left an indelible mark on Telugu Journalism through Eenadu for decades.

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Whenever democracy is threatened, Eenadu made governments and broke governments.

The last one is Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Government. Jagan tried to finish Eenadu by troubling Margadarshi but Ramoji Rao ended the tyrannical rule playing the Opposition.

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Ramoji Rao who has been suffering from age-related ailments left this World only after he saw Jagan’s empire perish.

YSR Congress and its ecosystem were happy with the demise because they thought Eenadu would be vulnerable without Ramoji Rao and the Media Group will lose its sheen gradually.

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But then, they were proved awfully wrong.

A look into Eenadu’s last one-week coverage will give us an idea about its core strength.

On the 22nd of this month, the CRDA demolished the illegal office building of the YSR Congress in Tadepalli.

The very next day, Eenadu published a full-page article about how Jagan is building palace-like office buildings across all the districts of Andhra Pradesh with their pictures and details of the violation. The cries and wails of the YSR Congress were completely lost in that.

On the 20th of this month, Eenadu published a banner item exposing how the Government spent 20-25 Lakh Rupees every month for the security of Saradapeetam in Vizag just because Swamy helped Jagan politically in the Opposition.

On June 24th, there was a banner item about how YSR Congress leaders resorted to land grabbing by manipulating the land records.

Yesterday(June 25th), there is another banner item about how Jagan misused the system to have a mammoth 986 Security Personnel guarding his Tadepalli palace 24/7.

Just going by the coverage of the last week, it is clear that there is no going back for Eenadu even without Ramoji Rao.

Sources inside Eenadu tell us that there has been a strong editorial team in place for the last thirty years and Ramoji Rao always ensured that systems were in place to carry out the daily operations without his involvement.

They say due to his health issues, Ramoji Rao was not active in the last two months (the crucial election season) in the Editorial work even though he is guiding the team. There was no difference back then and now too.

That means Eenadu is here to stay and all the hopes of Jagan and his batch are badly shattered. 

Jagan would badly regret for messing with Ramoji Rao.