Two incidents that took place in Seema Andhra last night have risen doubts about the safety of Electronic Voting Machines. TDP leaders in Darsi, Prakash district have raided a house which have EVMs in it. But later it was cleared that they are EVM auxiliary units which are used for counting of results from EVMs. It is said that they are brought late night for training sessions of officials and were kept in the house since it was too late to go to the counting center.

But the second incident is really scary. Locals near Siddhartha and PVP Siddhartha Engineering colleges, Vijayawada told that a white Ambassador car containing 6-7 people went in to the college where EVMs are stored and at the same time a car belonging to a local YSR Congress leader was also seen roaming in the area. Up on the information, TDP leaders reached the spot and inquired the people in the Ambassador. They said they were EC officials from Thiruvur. What are they doing in the pitch dark is not satisfactorily answered. With these incidents, the safety of EVMs is questioned big time.