7-Eleven DallasA lawsuit has been filed against Irving, Texas-based 7-Eleven, following a deadly shooting at a Dallas location about a month ago. 17-year-old Omari Frazier was an intern at Cafe Momentum, a non-profit that provides restaurant training to at-risk youth.

On April 5, Omari and another victim were shot at the 7-Eleven store in the 1000 block of Ross Avenue. While Frazier died on the scene, the other victim was hospitalized in critical condition. One Donald Moore, 24, was arrested a week later and was charged with murder.

According to the investigation, Moore shot both the victims as they had assaulted him at the same location two days earlier. An online fund-raising page revealed the details of both victims.

Omari’s mother has filed a lawsuit against 7-Eleven, saying that the company was negligent with security measures that led to the death of her innocent son. She said that the company did not implement safety protocols.

The family is seeking a jury trial for damages regarding gross negligence and uncalled-for death. Meanwhile, 7-Eleven has said that Cafe Momentum will remember Omari as a bright and hard-working young man, which he was.