The Fees reimbursement issue in Telangana is getting critical every day. If considering father’s nativity for student is being debated all over, Telangana government is thinking on the lines of one more controversial decision. Proposals were made to consider only those students as native of Telangana whose families are residing in the region even before the 1956. Telangana government feels settlers from Seema Andhra have started coming to Telangana after 1956 when the United State came in to force.

However Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao is keen on not paying a single penny for those who are not of Telangana origin. The government feels this new rule will filter outsiders to the maximum extent. KCR had ordered officials to take up this immediately and find out the numbers and costs involved. KCR also asked the officials to take the legal opinion for Advocate General regarding this.