The bench led by Justice AV Sesha Sai at the Andhra Pradesh High Court moved away from the petition submitted by Suneetha and B.Tech Ravi, where they challenged the Kadapa court’s recent order, prohibiting discussion of YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case during the election campaign.

Justice Sesha Sai directed the registry to transfer the case to the Chief Justice to ensure it lands in an appropriate bench.

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The Kadapa court recently barred opposition party leaders, including Ravi, Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, Lokesh, Purandeshwari, Sharmila and even Viveka’s daughter Suneetha, from talking about the murder case of YS Vivekananda Reddy during the election campaign.

Suneetha and B.Tech Ravi, the TDP’s candidate for Pulivendula, filed a petition in the AP High Court opposing this order of Kadapa Court.

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On April 23, Ravi lodged a lunch motion appeal in the High Court against the Kadapa court’s order. However, the High Court declined to address the immediate appeal and reassigned the case to another bench, scheduling a hearing for April 24.

The petitioner argued that the Kadapa court’s decision violates Article 19 (freedom of speech and expression) and added that it is also against the recent Supreme Court verdict in the Bloomberg case.

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