Telangana is all geared up to go to the polls for the first time after the state bifurcation. People in the region are anxious about the next government and the changes that are going to take place in the region in the next 5 years. GHMC area with 24 Assembly constituencies holds key for the next government in Telangana. It accounts for 20 per cent of the 119 seats in Telangana. The 70.86 lakh voters in GHMC comprise 26 per cent of the total electorate in the new state. Minorities (Muslims and Christians) and the settlers form 70% of the total voters in the region and they decide the fate of political parties in this area.

Congress is a strong hold here with bagging 13 MLA seats. Congress’ ally, MIM holds 7 seats in the old city area. Meaning GHMC voted Congress to power in the last elections. Now with MIM distancing from Congress and the anti-incumbency vote at its highest, other political parties hope to register good success this time. Telugu Desam Party which is battered by state division should do well here to sustain the party in Telangana. BJP hopes Modi’s popularity will bring them good results and TRS will only pray that settlers do not ruin their chances. Congress and MIM will hope to retain their last time’s tally.