Gurjala Constituency

Gurjala stands out as one of the high-voltage constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Senior TDP leader Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao is once again contesting from there, while sitting MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy secured the ticket on behalf of YSRCP. However, dissatisfaction with the government extends beyond the MLAs, as half of the party’s own leaders are reluctant to support Mahesh Reddy.

On the other hand, TDP’s strength received a boost with the addition of Janga Krishnamurthy. The battle for the Gurjala Assembly constituency promises to be intense from the outset, with both parties expected to have a narrow margin of victory. Since its inception in 1952, Kasu Mahesh Reddy achieved the highest majority in the 2019 elections.

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Recent developments within the YSRCP suggest that the party may lose some of its votes, with Mahesh Reddy and Janga Krishnamurthy facing challenges. Janga recently switched allegiance to TDP, potentially drawing BC votes away from YSRCP.

Reports from party circles indicate that Kasu Mahesh Reddy’s support from local leaders has diminished compared to the last election, with half of his previous supporters now disengaged. However, there’s a sentiment in the constituency that, despite his defeat, Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao’s consistent presence among the people over the past five years and his support for victims have earned him goodwill.

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Rao also garnered support from the Kamma community in the last elections due to village politics, but this time around, about 80 percent of the community seems to be in favor of TDP. As the May Assembly and Parliament elections approach, competition intensifies between the Reddy and Kamma social groups in Gurjala. These two groups hold significant sway over the voters in the constituency, with the main contest unfolding between YSRCP and Telugu Desam parties.

Additionally, Thiiyagura Yallamanda Reddy, a prominent figure in educational institutions, is running as a candidate for the Congress party, likely to split some votes of YSRCP’s. Meanwhile, Janga Krishnamurthy’s faction within TDP aims to defeat Mahesh Reddy.

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