Huge Setback for YSRCP!

Here is a huge setback for YSR Congress Party just before the elections. America’s Premier Investigative agency, FBI had unearthed a bribery case involving YSR’s soul KVP Rama Chandra Rao during YSR regime in years between 2006 and 07. It is said that KVP along with six other foreign nationals, including a Ukrainian billionaire and an Indian-American businessman have bribed various India state and central government officials to secure licenses to mine minerals in Andhra Pradesh.

It is said that YSR government struck deal with a United States and Ukraine Company for selling of Titanium dug illegally from Andhra Pradesh. The accused have bribed $ 18 millions to American officials too. US law department had primarily identified that KVP is involved and declared him as accused. There is a chance of a trial too in case the central government cooperates. Since this is a scam unearthed by US, YSR Congress has little chances to escape or defend. Analysts predict this case can be dangerous for YSR Congress’ poll prospects as the case maligns late YSR’s character.