Hung-Result-Ruled-out-for-Andhra-Pradesh-2019-ElectionsAndhra Pradesh Elections are less than Two and Half Months away. There is a curiosity in everyone about who will emerge as a winner in the election. The election looks like a cliffhanger similar to the last election. TDP has increased the ante with a few very good welfare schemes rolled out in the last few days. Increasing Pensions has been a gamechanger.

YSR Congress has pinned high hopes on the Good-Will earned through Jagan’s Marathon Padayatra and the anti-incumbency. Pawan Kalyan who became active in Politics less than a year ago is hoping to bag a few seats and become a Kingmaker like Kumaraswamy in Karnataka.

But then, Political Experts are now ruling out Hung Result for Andhra Pradesh. The Graph of Janasena is falling steeply in the last couple of months. Pawan Kalyan has stopped touring the constituencies and is also dedicating time only for his Party’s Internal Organization. This is taking out the steam from the party and slowly its Vote Bank is slipping.

Even the constituency from where Pawan Kalyan is not decided yet. Even in the places where Janasena has strength, the party may foil its chances by fielding weak candidates. Political Experts say that a Hung Result is ruled out from here. Never before in history, Andhra Pradesh has voted for a Hung Assembly.