Comedian Balireddy Prudhviraj - YS JaganComedian Prudhvi who landed in a TTD post after the 2019 elections lost it after he landed in a scandal. He was humiliated and had to remain politically silent to avoid embarrassment. It looks like Prudhvi feels like people have forgotten his controversy and is trying to become active once again in politics.

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He criticized YSR Congress MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju in an interview and those comments have become viral on social media. “Jagan is a Kadapa Tiger. He is not needed to defeat Raghu Rama Krishna Raju in Narasapuram. He says Prudhvi Raj is a Pemupudu Kukka (pet dog) of Jagan. Pet dogs are enough to defeat him,” Prudhvi said.

Prudhvi also rubbished Raghu Rama Krishna Raju’s survey in which claims the MP is at least 19% more popular than Jagan Mohan Reddy himself. “We have seen legends like Lagadapati Raja Gopal failing with these surveys. Who is this Raghu Rama Krishna Raju?” he added.

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It looks like Prudhvi is trying his level best to get back to the good backs of the Chief Minister.