Swiggy 212 Biryani Sold Per MinuteThe IPL 2023 drew to a close with the Chennai Super Kings winning the trophy for the record-equalling 5th time.

Now, online food ordering platform Swiggy has announced that they have received as many as 12 million orders of biryani through the course of the IPL season.

On average Swiggy received 212 orders of biryani per minute during the IPL season.

“biryani wins the trophy for the most ordered food item this season with over 12 million orders at 212 BPM (biryanis per minute)” Swiggy tweeted earlier today.

Swiggy ran special offers for cricket fans by offering upto 50% offer on food ordering.

Biryani is one of the most ordered food items on ani Indian food ordering platform and the same is seen in the statistics revealed by Swiggy now.