While the main opposition party YSR Congress is still struggling to come out of the recent election defeat, Congress party is trying all possible tricks to come in to existence in Andhra Pradesh. Even though it is too early, Congress is daily resorting to some protests against the government and is staying in news. PCC President Raghu Veera Reddy and Ex-PCC President Botsa Satya Narayana are being in news every day for some reason or other. On the other side, YSR Congress which is not coming in terms to reality is shell shocked with the response to their ‘Narakasuravadha’ program conducted against the government. In the fear of failure, the party is still not able to decide which is the right time to come on roads.

Being a National party, Congress has no shortage of funds but on the other side, YSR Congress is crumbling with funds shortage. It is said that Jagan is not shelling out any money from his pocket and other leaders are not ready to invest as elections are still long away. A source in YSR Congress said, “Leaders are fearing to come to YSR Congress Party offices in districts as they have to shell out money from their pockets. Several of them are still trying to recover the last election balances from the party”. Only party president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is coming before media for every couple of days and giving a press statement so as to supply some material to media regarding the main opposition. But sadly the news of Congress party is getting prominent coverage than him.