Jagan-CBIFor the first time in the YS Viveka murder case, the CBI listed Jagan’s name. Jagan’s name was featured in the additional counter filed by the CBI in the Viveka murder case.

The CBI stated that Jagan knew about Viveka’s murder even before the latter’s PA, Krishna Reddy announced to the media.

In this context, pro-YCP media has come up with a strange and potentially problematic report. They are claiming that Jagan could be suing the CBI for bringing his name in the case without concrete evidence.

Firstly, CBI is an investigation agency and it is bound to bring up new names and incidents through the course of the investigation and that’s how they maintain progress. The same could be the case with Jagan’s name in the additional counter filed by the CBI.

The CBi has just mentioned Jagan’s name in the counter and hasn’t even called him for an investigation. At this point in time, if Jagan files a defamation suit, it would only provoke the CBI and rub them on the wrong side.

For an investigation agency to operate, they are to make progress through new claims and allegations. Filing defamation suits for this reason will halt their method of operation. The courts are vary of the same and their judgement will be in accordance.

They simply might not entertain such counter cases just with the citation that CBI mentioned their name through the course of the investigation.