YS-Jagan-Funds-DiversionYSR Congress government is accused of diverting Central funds of Panchayats to PD accounts making them redundant. 90% of the Panchayats have YCP Sarpanches but they are still left high and dry.

Earlier Central Government mandated to transfer the funds to accounts of Panchayats only. But the Government had found new way to bypass the rule.

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Recently, Central Government sent around 1000 Crore Rupees (948.34 Crore) to Panchayats in August. The Government hatched a new plan to grab around 400 Crore (379.39 Crore) of these funds. In the name of pending Power bills of Panchayats, the funds have been transferred to PD accounts and thereby to Government accounts.

It is good to some extent if the Power bills of Panchayats are cleared but Sarpanches say that the bills are as it is but the Government grabbed the money in the name of Power Bills recovery.

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The Sarpanches mostly belonging to YSR Congress are facing the heat from the local people for lack of development and basic amenities in the villages. The YCP Sarpanches themselves are calling this act as Jagan Government as Legalized Plunder.