Only Kammas Among OCs Do Not Need BC Status - Manjunadha BC CommissionManjunadha BC Commission set up by Andhra Pradesh Government is conducting Public Hearings in all the districts to prepare ground for the inclusion of Kapu community in BCs list. The last hearing will be conducted in East Godavari early next month.

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The commission has received representations from almost all the forward Castes to include them in Backward Classes. Only Kamma Caste did not ask for inclusion in BC category. The Commission will be correlating their findings with the reports of Pulse Survey before submitting the final report to the government.

Political Experts feel that Giving BC Status to Kapu Community is more or less confirm. It may be just before the 2019 elections. On the other side, the current BCs are worried that inclusion of Kapu Community to BCs will be detrimental to their interests.

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