Ever since he lost the elections, KCR has been staying away from the limelight and is not attending any press meets often. In the last few months, BRS was stuck in many allegations like the Kaleshwaram scam, the Delhi Liqour Scam (Kavitha’s arrest) and the phone-tapping issue.

KCR had stayed silent on Kavitha’s arrest and phone-tapping issue for all these days. Finally, he opened up about them in his recent television interview.

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Responding to the phone-tapping allegations, KCR said that the police and intelligence departments might have tapped a few phone calls with the permission of the central Home Secretary.

He asserted that the CM is not at all related to the issue and alleged that the Congress government is trying to politicize the case by making false accusations on BRS.

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“Every country and state across the world has a secret intelligence department that works for the government. They collect information in different ways and also receive secret funding,” stated KCR.

He further stated, “Phone-tapping is done by the police, not the Chief Minister or cabinet ministers. They are not controlled by the Chief Minister but by the central Home Secretary. It is not related to CM’s office.”

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“The current government is unnecessarily trying to make it a political issue with its newspapers and social media channels,” he went on to add.

Meanwhile, people on social media opined that KCR indirectly agreed to tap phone calls, stating that he was not a part of it.