Looks like Telangana Chief Minister Designate K Chandra Sekhar Rao is trying to bulldoze Telangana JAC and its convener Kodanda Ram. In the past few months, KCR successfully removed Kodanda Ram as a layer between him and Employees union and established direct contact with them. And now it is said that Kodanda Ram is being refused an appointment from the past 5 days.

Sources say Kodanda Ram wants to meet KCR and congratulate him but is not given an appointment. Kondaram even reminded about it to KCR’s personal staff two days ago, but there is no word about the appointment till now. However, Kodanda Ram tried to cover up his disappointment before media. This morning he said, “KCR is our man. I can meet him any time. It is just that he is busy in forming the government. Please do not make controversy out of this issue”.