The Telangana government’s decision to celebrate the Independence Day at the Golconda fort from this year had paved way to a new controversy. There is a 51 acre land near the fort which is going to be used for official events by Telangana Government from now. Army authorities have however intervened and argue that particular land was given to the army way back in 1956. They even went ahead and removed the state government boards and put up their own claiming that it was military land. However the revenue officials removed them and claim that their records say that they are government lands.

Telangana government paused the dispute for a while to ensure the Independence Day celebrations go on hassle free. Both the revenue authorities and army officials will sit in the presence of Ranga Reddy collector after August 15th and exchange the documents supporting their claims. The ownership of the lands will be decided accordingly.

KCR will be hoisting the Tricolour on a site near Rani Mahal while the guests will be seated in the lawns opposite Taramati Masjid. Nearly 10,000 to 12,000 people can be accommodated in the lawns. This is the first time a police parade has been planned to be conducted inside the fort.