TDP YCPIt’s been more than three weeks since Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was arrested in a case that appears to be flimsy at least now. Nara Lokesh has been camping in Delhi in a huddle with the legal experts to figure out a way to bring his father out of jail.

The Government has named Chandrababu in two more cases to extend the jail stay until the elections. Lokesh was also named in these cases making the intentions clear.

Ever since Chandrababu’s arrest, there have been predictions about a possible leadership crisis in the Telugu Desam Party.

Chandrababu Naidu has been one of the tallest leaders in the country and everything for TDP since 1995. There is no Number Two in the party from then. So, it is difficult to fit in shoes. YSR Congress was rejoicing imagining this would be a death blow to the party.

But then, it is all on paper but the actual reality turned out to be difficult.

TDP has become active more than ever after Naidu’s arrest. The party cadre and supporters have taken the reins of keeping the party active and they have inspired the neutrals as well. Before Naidu’s arrest, we would see TDP active only when he or Lokesh goes to the people.

There is a certain class of supporters/voters who would vote for TDP but never come out on the streets or take an active part in the party programs. Even they are active right now after Babu’s arrest.

The party used to be inactive in the remaining times because of lazy leaders and incharges. It is no longer the case now.

YSR Congress is taken aback by this sudden twist as this is something they never imagined.

If a party is groomed from the grassroots and with a strong organizational setup, something of this sort is always on the cards. The parties which cropped up in recent years do not understand and that is not surprising.