Sakshi Editors

The other day, a stone was hurled at YS Jagan Mohan Reddy which left a small bruise on his forehead. YSR Congress immediately pressed its machinery to derive sympathy in the elections.

YSR Congress is a party born using the Sympathy factor. In the 2014 elections, Jagan tried to mint votes using YSR’s death. In the 2019 elections, we have seen the Kodi Kathi Attack and YS Viveka’s Murder.

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In Kodi Kathi Attack and Viveka’s Murder, YSR Congress blamed Chandrababu Naidu but later we saw how it was revealed that they themselves were behind that.

Now, YSR Congress is trying to use this stone attack to derieve sympathy.

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Sakshi came up with a sensational Headline – “సీఎం జగన్‌పై హత్యాయత్నం!”

The police have not even recovered the stone so far. Going by the scratch on Jagan’s forehead, we can easily understand how serious the attack is.

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But Sakshi tried to spice it up. The object may be a stone or granite or pellet or even an air bullet, Sakshi wrote.

Sakshi further wrote that Vellampalli Srinivas was definitely an assassination attempt and Chandrababu Naidu planned it.

Which Opposition Leader in sane mind would attack his Opponent during elections and help him get sympathy?

Sakshi also wrote that Kesineni Nani said he clearly heard a ‘Tup’ sound trying to imply it was an attack by an air gun.

It is next to impossible to hear such sounds given that there is so much of noise there with many people, vehicles, and traffic around

It is also interesting to note that Sakshi mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CMs of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu condemned the attack but did not mention Chandrababu condemning the attack.

Meanwhile, Some over-dramatic videos in which people are seen banging their heads in distress while watching the visual on TV are being released by I-PAC. These videos are becoming Meme and troll materials.