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There is an idiom in Telugu – ‘నాలుకకు నరం లేదు’.

We use it because the Tongue is very flexible and can move in any direction if needed. Sakshi is following a similar mantra.

Until recently, Sakshi wrote 100s of articles saying that there is no takers for TDP tickets and Chandrababu is struggling to find anyone to put up against Jagan.

That phase of drama is complete, and Sakshi started another one.

After the announcement of TDP and Janasena seat-sharing and the first list, Sakshi is now publishing stories about how leaders are revolting against TDP.

It is churning out stories about how some TDP leaders are disgruntled in seats allotted to Janasena, and how some others are unhappy when they are not given tickets.

These kinds of incidents are very common during the alliances and ticket announcements.

Sakshi is trying to amplify all small things to showcase that something dreadful is happening.

But the fact is that Sakshi is exposing its double face.

Once it said there were no takers for TDP tickets and now it is saying that the demand is high.

Probably, everyone wants to be on the winning side. So, they are obviously disappointed at not getting tickets.