Looks like Congress government is resorting to harassment tactics just before the elections. On the midnight of Monday, Income Tax, Election Commission and RDO officials have raided Tirupati TDP candidate, Venkata Ramana residence. There are more than 100 officials participated in the raid and they checked every nook and corner of the house. The raid lasted for more than 2 hours and they managed to find 4,80,000 in cash.

Once the raid is complete, Venkata Ramana breathed fire on the officials. He questioned if he is not allowed to carry 4,80,000 cash being an Ex-MLA and TUDA Chairman. He asked them to reveal who is behind the raids. The officials stood like rocks having no answers. Their silence angered Telugu Desam Party workers there and they set ablaze one of the jeeps of the officials. Police had to escort the officials out of their house.