Modi factor works big in Seema Andhra?
As the elections concluded in Seema Andhra, Chandra Babu Naidu, Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan had intensified their poll campaign in Seema Andhra. Chandra Babu had come up with an intelligent plan to counter here. He is getting the assurance of many of his promises to the region from the upcoming Prime Minister himself and is increasing the credibility of his promises with assured support from the to be formed Central government.

On the other side, he is successfully using Pawan Kalyan’s image to draw crowds as well as lash the corruption of YS Jagan. The call for to choose ‘Swarna Andhra’ or ‘Scam Andhra’ is definitely working according to the ground reports. Middle class and neutral voters are being motivated towards TDP and BJP which will play crucial role in closely contested places. It is also said that Modi promised Chandra Babu to squeeze in some more time for Seema Andhra if required before the polls.