Mohan Babu - YS Jagan

Mohanbabu played a part in Jagan’s Propaganda before the 2019 elections. Jagan Mohan Reddy used to deploy people to revolt against Chandrababu Naidu as like one every two days before the 2019 elections. Using that strategy, he can create a perception that things are bad for Chandrababu.

Mohanbabu also helped Jagan to that extent. His protest on the road in the name of Fees reimbursement garnered the attention of the people across the state. Later he joined the YSR Congress and campaigned for the party as well.

But then, there were rumors that things turned bad in terms of Fee reimbursement arrears in the new government. And sources say that Jagan is not giving an appointment to Mohanbabu.

In 2021, Mohanbabu appeared in Open Heart with RK and made some indirect comments about Jagan. Later on, he became silent keeping him away from politics.

Now, elections in Andhra Pradesh are around the corner and Mohanbabu distanced himself from Jagan and YSR Congress.

He posted a letter on Twitter asking anyone from any political party not to use his name. It is indirectly indicating that he has nothing to do with YSR Congress.

Probably, Mohanbabu could not go to Chandrababu after what happened in 2019 and so decided to stay away from politics completely.

What Mohanbabu did to Chandrababu before 2019 was completely unnecessary. But he learned the lesson the hard way.

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