Naidu is my only rival - Jagan

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy waved the red flag against the Congress party and had floated his own political party. However, Jagan’s political rival call his YSR Congress party a B-Team of Congress and will be merged with Congress after the elections. The sudden slowed down of Jagan’s disproportionate assets case and his release from jail aided these allegations.

In one of his interviews to National media, Jagan made shocking comments about his view on forgiving Congress party, “I have no bitterness against anyone. When I was in jail I used to pray every day seeking forgiveness if I had sinned and also for those who had sinned against me. Bitterness destroys you and I have too much to look forward to, to brood over someone or something. However distant, Naidu is my only rival, no one else.”

Jagan has also revealed that his party will end up with a landslide victory of 120-130 Assembly seats in Seema Andhra region in the forthcoming elections. He also said that Chandra Babu will be the runner up managing some 30-35 seats.