Ponguru Narayana

Generally, many leaders go on vacation abroad after election polling and return only for the counting. However, TDP leader and former Minister Ponguru Narayana is an exception.

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He contested from the Nellore City assembly constituency in the 2024 elections. Instead of going on a holiday like other leaders, Narayana chose to stay back in his constituency.

After the polling, Narayana has been actively meeting TDP leaders from all the villages in his constituency, thanking them for their hard work during the elections.

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Most importantly, he has set up a fund worth Rs 10 crore for the TDP cadre within his constituency. This fund provides financial assistance to party members whenever needed.

Narayana also announced that he would offer lifetime free medical treatment for 3,000 selected TDP party workers and their families.

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He assured that this initiative would continue for a lifetime and be carried forward by his family members after his demise.

In an age where politicians often neglect the services of their party workers, leaders like Narayana are setting an example of how to treat their party members with respect and care.