New Capital for AP not before September!
The political uncertainty in the Seema Andhra region is set to continue with the state going to start its operations with out a state capital. The Telangana bifurcation is set to be official on June 2nd, the appointed day and from that day Seema Andhra and Telangana will be become two different states. However the panel appointed to decide the next state capital is going to submit its report to Government of India only by the end of August.

The panel had just completed its Vishakapatnam tour and had heard the views of various sections of people regarding why Vishakapatnam should be the capital. The panel is currently in Kakinada. speaking to press in Rajahmundry, Santosh Rai one of the panel members said the committee can only recommend the state capital according to technical and administrative feasibility but could not decide the capital.