No postponement for Allagadda election!
Election Commission of India had declared that there will not be any postponement in Allagadda Election despite the demise of YSR Congress candidate Shoba Nagi Reddy. According to 1951 People’s Representatives Act, Section 52, election has to be postponed if a candidate of a recognized political party is dead. But YSR Congress is just a registered party but not a recognized party. So, Allagadda will also go to polls along with other constituencies of Seema Andhra region on May 7th.

It is known that Shobha Nagi Reddy, the four time MLA of Allagadda and current YSR Congress candidate from there lost her life in a fatal car accident. While there are lot of speculations about the elections, Election Commission made a statement confirming about the no postponement.