It is a well-known fact that K. Kavitha, founder of Telangana Jagruthi, has demanded Pawan Kalyan to apologize to the Telangana people for betraying them through Praja Rajyam Party. It is understood that Pawan Kalyan has taken this demand as an offence and made a come-back in his own style which has, till now, kept K. Kavitha silent. He stared if off saying that she has no right to ask him for an apology.

According to reports, it is learnt that many donations and money have been received from various sources as a support for the Telangana movement. Pawan Kalyan has asked K.Kavitha, during his speech, to answer few questions related to the money. Like, what happened to that money and for what all did they spend it? Who all received the money during the movement and how much did they each get? And what are the future prospects that will be done using that money? These are a few questions he wanted K.Kavitha to answer to the leaders and the people of Telangana.

This reply was so powerful that K.Kavitha, an aggressive woman, has kept calm till now. Not just she, no one from her party has answered those queries. According to a popular news channel, it is known that Kavitha has denied answering those questions. With Pawan sounding very confident during asking those questions, what, do you think, could’ve happened?