Rajinikanth-Tamil-Nadu-GovernorBJP is leaving no stone untouched to establish the party in the South. They do not have a presence anywhere except in Karnataka.

They are smelling a chance in Telangana and have shifted focus to Tamil Nadu.

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They have appointed Former IPS officer, Annamalai as their party chief and he is drawing decent crowds for all political meetings.

Buzz in the media circles is that BJP wants to send Rajinikanth as Governor of some state so as to impress the fans of the actor.

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This would also portray BJP as a Pro-Tamil party, the party leadership believes.

But then such a move would mean Rajinikanth should retire from films.

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Rajinikanth always harbored political ambitions but pulled off the plug at the last minute. He has been moving close with BJP’s top leadership since then.