Palnadu has become Red after the Polling Day. YSR Congress has got complete hold of Palnadu ever since 2019.

In 2019 Elections, YSR Congress won all the Seven Assembly seats (Macherla, Vinukonda, Pedakurapadu, Narasaraopeta, Sattenapalli, Gurajala, and Chilakaluripeta) and the Narasaraopeta Parliament.

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TDP lost a tall leader like Kodela Siva Prasad Rao after the Elections. He committed suicide due to the humiliation by the YSR Congress.

Since then, YSR Congress leaders and cadre showed the hell for the TDP cadre. All the local Elections have been one-sided with brute force and there are many Political murders as well.

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TDP cadre put up a valiant fight in Palnadu on the Polling Day. They were able to successfully counter the Booth Capturing and Rigging. The YSR Congress cadre were taken aback by the fight put up by the TDP cadre.

TDP cadre also put up a strong fight after the Polling. They were in no mood to give up and did not hesitate to give back. At the same time, we have seen YSR Congress Palnadu leaders coming before media and foulcrying. There is a sense of fear and worry in their voices.

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Leaders like Pinneli Brothers have gone underground. All these events are surprising everyone. More than the Surveys, language and body language of leaders and cadre show hints about Election Results.

The cadre will not be this active unless they are confident of coming to Power. So, the entire state is very excitedly looking forward to the results of the Faction Land this time.