Pawan Kalyan’s sudden change of mind has embarassed Lok Satta’s Founder Jay Prakash Narayan. Few days ago, Pawan Kalyan announced that he wanted to contest in Malkajgiri but withdrew as JP is in fray. He also added that he will campaign for JP’s win. Jay Prakash Narayan is buoyed with this unexpected support and showered praises on Pawan Kalyan.

“When brothers are fighting themselves for seats, it is really great for Pawan to sacrifice for me. We will discuss with Pawan Kalyan about campaign”, JP said the other day. But 24 hours later, Pawan Kalyan announced that despite his personal interest, he will be supporting only NDA’s candidate, Mallareddy in Malkajgiri. He made it clear that he will not campaign for JP as it is against the alliance justice. Sources say Mallareddy met Modi last night and exerted pressure on Pawan Kalyan through him.