Jana Sena Party chief, Pawan Kalyan has met Gujarat’s CM, Narendra Singh Modi today. Pawan has stated that Modi has his complete support through the elections and that he wants Modi to become the PM. India needs a person like NaMo in order to attain development. Pawan Kalyan spoke to Modi about the problems the two Telugu states are facing, even after bifurcation. By delaying the decision of bifurcation, Congress has destroyed the united feeling between the people of two states, which will lead to destruction, he added.

When asked about making BJP an ally and winning the elections, Pawan has told that he was not interested in power or position at all. All he wants to do is give people a better life and develop the states. Wellbeing of people is the most important aspect and many politicians of now have failed in fulfilling that aspect. Few politicians have also tried to inject hate between the people of both the regions.

Pawan Kalyan has still not decided whether to contest or not, in the upcoming elections but he has assured that he will give all his support to Modi and BJP. Unlike Congress ministers, Modi is a great decision-maker and is someone the nation requires. Modi has accepted support from Pawan Kalyan and these two parties will now form alliances in the coming elections. With the top seeded PM candidate’s support, will Pawan Kalyan be able to win in the Telugu states and help people as he promised?