Pawan Kalyan to campaign for BJP - Kishan Reddy

BJP Telangana State President Kishan Reddy met Pawan Kalyan a short while ago at his residence. After his meeting with Pawan Kalyan, Kishan Reddy announced that he requested Pawan Kalyan to campaign for BJP in AP, Karnataka and Telangana. Pawan Kalyan reportedly told him that he will discuss with his party members and friends and announce in the evening. It is told that Pawan Kalyan agreed to campaign and the schedule and plan of his campaign will be announced very soon.

Speaking to Press, Kishan Reddy also spoke about Pawan Kalyan’s involvement in seat sharing between TDP and BJP. He said, “Seat sharing and candidates announcements is totally an affair of TDP and BJP. Pawan Kalyan is not involving in it in any way”. He also confirmed that Pawan Kalyan will also be campaigning for TDP as well as both the parties are going in an alliance.