Pawan Kalyan Warns TDPJanasena is upset with TDP taking leaders like Kanna Lakshminarayana, and Mahasena Rajesh with whom it is in talks to join. Janasena also tried to persuade Vangaveeti Radha to join the party to consolidate Kapu votes but Lokesh foiled the bid at the last minute.

Janasena is upset with TDP indulging in alliance talks on one side and at the same time, trying to spoil all their attempts to strengthen the party.

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To send a message and a warning to TDP and its high command, Janasena tried to finger in Nara Lokesh’s Mangalagiri.

All of sudden, the YSR Congress leader from Mangalagiri, Kandru Kamala appeared at Pawan Kalyan‘s BC meeting the other day and dropped hints about joining the party.

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In a way, Janasena has sent a warning that they will strengthen themselves and not hesitate even to field a strong candidate in Mangalagiri if TDP do not stop arm-twisting tactics in the alliance.

This is also Janasena’s way to demand more seats in the alliance. “If you do not yield to our demands, we will contest alone and foil your chances in many seats including Mangalagiri” – is the message.

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But then, Janasena has picked a bad candidate for this blackmail. Kandru Kamala won on a Congress ticket in the 2009 elections over her nearest rival, the Praja Rajyam Candidate.

Kamala was inactive in politics for some time after the bifurcation. She later joined TDP but could not get a ticket in 2019 as the cycle party fielded Nara Lokesh. Just before the elections, she joined YSR Congress.

YSR Congress feels both Alla Rama Krishna Reddy and Kandru Kamala are not effective to take on Lokesh for 2024 and so brought TDP’s Ganji Chiranjeevi into the party to get the support of the weavers’ community.

YSR Congress will field Chiranjeevi or even Alla from the seat but not Kamala because she does not have the support or financial muscle.

If Janasena thinks it can blackmail TDP or Lokesh with her, it is not possible.

But then, since she is a ruling party leader, Janasena may have thought something is better than nothing.

Kamala is expecting a ticket for her son-in-law, Satish Kumar if there is no alliance between TDP and Janasena.