TDP_Communist_PartyAmidst rumors that the left parties could be joining forces with TDP in forthcoming Andhra Pradesh general election, an interesting development in the context of the ongoing MLC elections have caught the attention.

In the ongoing teachers MLC elections, TDP and Left parties have mutually agreed to strengthen each others candidates.

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TDP has agreed to pick PDF candidates for second priority vote and vice versa with the left parties. These parties are moving with mutual understanding in the teachers MLC elections.

TDP is also said to be trying for JanaSena’s support in the MLC elections and related talks are underway now. If this works out, then YCP and BJP will be on their own in the elections.

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Amidst so much talk about the alliances for the 2024 elections in Andhra Pradesh, these developments pertaining to TDP, JanaSena, and the left parties has become a hot topic.

Political analysts opine that the opposition parties coming together much ahead of the general elections could mean ominous signs for the ruling party, YSRC.

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