A former activist of Praja Rajyam party has lashed out on Chiranjeevi in a public meeting. He has screamed aggressively in public saying that they have believed and supported PRP to the fullest and now, have lost everything. Chiranjeevi, who merged PRP into Congress, must answer on why he did that and do justice to all those people. He even tore a PRP’s card, which he had in his wallet for the last 5 years. Then, few people started shouting supporting Pawan Kalyan for he is the only one doing something for correcting the mistake PRP did.

On the other hand, Kiran Kumar Reddy has replied to the comments Chiranjeevi made on him earlier. He said that what Chiranjeevi spoke was as if it was written in the script. He should be careful while speaking about someone in public because if once Kiran Kumar opens his mouth about Chiranjeevi and his antics during the bifurcation, he will not even be fit to be a minister. Chiranjeevi is more bothered about this minister post than about the bifurcation of the state, he added.

With so many people against Chiranjeevi, how much more pressure can Chiru handle? It is almost clear that things are going against Congress every time they show up in public. With events not occurring to their favour, does Chiru and Congress have a plan B to tackle in the elections?